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Mastering & Digital Editing

Located in our studios in Texas, our state-of-the-art digital mastering and editing suite utilizes the latest technology to prepare your master for duplication at the highest quality standards. We employ Grammy-nominated producers and sound engineers who are among the best in the industry. The bottom-line for you: The best sound at the best price.

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Editing and Mastering - $65 per hour

Features and applications include:
  • Precision sequencing of finished tracks for CD production masters including spacing, silencing unwanted sounds before and after individual tracks, reshaping fades, etc.

  • Corrective digital and analog mastering for tracks requiring level and EQ adjustments.

  • Includes digital and analog EQ, compression, and automated level and panning controls.

  • Single-ended noise reduction and hum removal for noisy mono or stereo programs.

  • Restructuring an already-mixed song by moving, repeating, or deleting individual sections of music.

  • Recording and editing multiple versions of radio spots and other voiceover type programs.

Project Window
Mixer in mixed mode
Channel strip with EQ, insert routing and sends

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